Have you seen the do-it-yourself for women website,  Here’s the description:

About Be Jane

If you’re like many of us, the idea of taking on home improvement projects might seem beyond your realm. You may have convinced yourself that you don’t have the skills, you’re not physically able, or that home improvement is just too scary. Well, we’re here to let you know that you can change your home on your own. You can take on any home improvement task, and you can turn the house you live in into a home you’ll love. 

Ladies, you don’t have to be a Jack to be a Jack of all trades.  You can Be Jane.

And once you tackle home improvement, then life improvement and even world improvement are just around the corner.

That’s right.  At Be Jane, we believe that when women gain the confidence to enhance their homes, they also become inspired to remodel their lives.  And from there, they become empowered to make a difference in the world at large. 

That’s why Be Jane is more than just the women’s home improvement community.  We’re the women’s home power portal!


A bit condescending, but an admirable effort overall.  Let’s empower women by teaching them how to tackle home improvement projects by themselves. believes that that if women learn to fix a leaky sink, it will compel women to improve their entire lives and indeed the world.  Building confidence through caulking.  Rock on, oh drywall diva.  Hardwood heroine.  Masonry momma.  Ventilation venus.

Hey – f you really dig painting, plastering and puttying – knock yourself out.  Need a creative outlet and want to mosaic your bathroom cabinet?  Go for it.  Who’s stopping you.  But I find it hard to believe that home improvement jobs hold the key to self-reliance or satisfaction.  I spent several years killing myself with home improvement projects, spending nights and weekends knocking out and rebuilding walls, drywalling, spackling, sanding and painting.  And what do I have to show for it?  Nada.  Bubkus.  I don’t even live in that house anymore, and I’m sure all the people who lived there since have changed it again and again to meet their own needs.

By all means, women should learn to take care of themselves — in all matters.  Physically, sexually and especially financially.  But since when does menial labor spell independence?  Explain to me how spending your weekend up to your ears in dust and paint liberates you?  Why don’t you just go back to grinding grain to make bread or sewing your own clothes?  What are we – Amish? 

Here’s my idea of independence: make enough money to hire someone who knows what she or he is doing to do your home improvement jobs for you.  Don’t DIY, hire someone to Do It For You (DIFY).  They’ll do a better job, they’ll get it finished in a quarter of the time and it only costs a little more than doing it yourself.  Now THAT is emancipation.




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