My last day as a 39 year old

Whew!  Thank god! (or unspecified deity of your choice) 

Being 39 has been really weird.  39 is more of an age limbo than 29 or 20 or 15 or 12 or any of the other threshold ages I’ve been through so far.  It doesn’t matter how good you look, how successful or happy you are, when you’re 39, people look at you like you’re desperately clinging to something that’s passed.  As if you have a choice or that you would choose otherwise if you did.

Some women lie about their age.  Some women’s friends do it for them.  For my birthday last year, I invited a bunch of friends to go out to dinner — no big deal, no balloons or strippers or expensive presents.  Just a fun dinner at one of my favorite Thai restaurants (that just happens to give you free dinner on your birthday).  After I sent the email invitation, some friends had a little fun with it by starting the rumor that I was turning 40.  Most knew that wasn’t true, but some didn’t.  “Wow – you’re 40?” they asked.  And they would proceed to tell me their own perspective on turning 40.  They were almost apologetic, yet oddly supportive, as if I had been given bad news.  It’s really not that bad, sweetie.  Or, Look at me.  I turned 40 and I lived through it.  Tired of hearing it, I just started telling everyone I was 50.  That‘ll show ’em.

Here’s an email exchange with a co-worker: 

From: TW
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 5:09 PM
To: AS
Subject: RE: Staff Retreat

fair warning:  all of april is bad for me b/c i’m turning 40 and will pretty much be unbearable and useless for most of the month.  it’s kinda like turning 16 again, but this time i have a credit card and no curfew.  🙂


From: AS
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 5:12 PM
To: TW
Subject: RE: Staff Retreat
That’s awesome!  When my mom turned 40 my dad threw her a surprise party at our house.  The entire party she was worrying about the fact that she hadn’t dusted the furniture before everyone came over and didn’t have a good time at all.  I like your approach better!









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