30 days from 40 – Let the countdown begin!

Stop – before you read this, read the “what’s it all about” page.

Ok – are you back?  Get it?  Good.  So you know I’m turning 40 at the end of this month and counting down with a post a day; various musings on turning 40 amidst expectations that don’t fit my reality.  And as if Yahoo knew what I was up to, just yesterday, they released a new website just for women.  http://shine.yahoo.com/  SHINE, ladies, shine!  Well, THIS ought to be good.

According to sources, the internet was not sufficiently servicing women, so Yahoo introduced a new media site focused on women’s daily lives. “The site is aimed at roughly 40 million women between the ages of 25 and 54 and aims to make Yahoo more relevant to this demographic, which is highly appealing to brand advertisers.”  Apparently, the internet has totally overlooked more than half of the population and the information highway needed a feminine touch.  

I’m all for “a room of one’s own,” but the assumption that women need special, separate everything just irks me.  First, that assumes that all women are the same.  Second, that assumes that can’t handle being in the general population.  There’s nothing wrong with the Lifetime Channel, but it’s not for women.  It’s for people who like that kind of crap. 

Looking at Shine, one can’t get past the top navigation bar.  Women can be summed up in the following categories:

  • Fashion + Beauty
  • Healthy Living
  • Entertainment
  • Parenting
  • Love + Sex
  • Work + Money
  • Food
  • At Home
  • Astrology
  • Speak Up 

Astrology?  Really?  ASTROLOGY??!!  I love you, Yahoo, but do you really think women are that simple minded?  At its best, astrology is a fun but silly indulgence, like comic strips.  Astrology is not part of our daily lives on the same level with money and health.  Why not witchcraft or wives’ tales?  Jesus.  I’m afraid to look at the money section.  They might suggest we choose retirement investments by reading tea leaves.

Some other annoying assumptions made apparent in this list are:

  1. Fashion and beauty are priority number one for all women.
  2. Women don’t care about world affairs, politics or news of any substance because it is glaringly absent from the list.  But entertainment is there.  Thanks.  Darfur be damned!  I’m much more curious about the New Kids on the Block making a comeback.
  3. Ah, parenting.  It didn’t take long for that to come up.  All women are parents or want to be parents and are in constant training to be better parents.  Does Maxim or GQ have parenting sections?  Hmmm.
  4. Love and sex are always the same thing to women.

Perusing the headlines is no more comforting:

  • Fancy lingerie you can actually afford
  • Britney Spears’ Top 10 Flubs
  • Is Kate Moss too old to model makeup?
  • The only 18 things you need for a clean house
  • Red meat that makes you skinny

Welcome to the new millenium, ladies!


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